Tetra Society of North America – Creating Free Assistive Devices Since 1987

Canada has got a truly brilliant thing going when it comes to creating assistive devices for its citizens with disabilities. Based in Canada with four chapters in the United States, the Tetra Society of North America is one of those rare nonprofits that creates assistive devices at little to no cost. And they’ve been doing this work since 1987. Whether you need an adaptive tripod for your camera or a hitch to attach your kids bike seat to your wheelchair, they will create it for you.

All you need to do is complete one of their online Request for Assistance form to start the process. You will need to describe the device you have in your mind to them, as well as live near one of their chapters. Clients are sometimes asked to pay for their own mileage to and from the workshop and pay for some of the materials, but this will be discussed before any building begins. They have almost 50 chapters across Canada, from Toronto to Vancouver.

And Canadians aren’t the only ones benefiting from this organization. They also have a chapter in Los Angeles, two in Ohio and one in Salt Lake City. If you’re lucky enough to live near these US regions/cities, you too can benefit from this topnotch organization. What’s cool about the Tetra Society as well is that they’re fully staffed by volunteer engineers and they all 100% donate their time to create adaptive devices for strangers.

It doesn’t matter your age or disability as well. The Tetra Society is open to creating a device for anyone as long as they have some kind of disability. To check out past projects they created for clients, click here and click here for their Request for Assistance online form: http://tetrasociety.org/assistance/index.php.

Has the Tetra Society built a device for you? Please share in the comments below!

– Visit their site: Tetra Society of North America

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