#LifeAfterSCI Photo Contest

It begins!

Below you’ll find the 9 official entries for our #LifeAfterSCI Photo Contest! To vote, please submit a comment below mentioning the number of your favorite photo. You can also vote by leaving a comment in the FB post for the contest here. Voting lasts until Thursday, June 22nd at 6pm EST, and the winner will be announced Friday, June 23rd and 2:00pm EST.

1. Brian Smith, C5-6 quadriplegic, 5 years post-injury, posing with Jack Daniels spokesmodels.

2. Danny Wheels, C4 incomplete quadriplegic, 12 years post-injury, on his adaptive motorcycle. 

3. Jacki Kennebrew, a paraplegic, at her Tai Chi/Kung Fu class.

4. Jessica Heinz, a C5 quadriplegic, at the Christmas lights at the Botanical Gardens.

5. Jim Beilfuss II, incomplete SCI, swimming with whale sharks at GA Aquarium.

6. Michael Mixer, a L1 spinal cord injury, flying his Paramotor 500′ above the ground in Quincy, Illinois.

7. Ryan Gibson, C7 Injury, less than two years post, going water skiing  again.

8. Stewart Midwinter, C4 quadriplegic, 5 years post-injury, riding his outrider Horizon electric trike (it goes 40 km an hour!).

9. Uttamkumar Isurdeen, paraplegic, 7 years post-injury, posing with his wife Kumawattie. “We’re still and continue our beautiful life despite my accident.”


88 thoughts on “#LifeAfterSCI Photo Contest

  1. Monica

    I vote for number 7 because im a C7 as well and I knw you have to have alot of balance and strength to do something like that. I would do anything to do tht or just to at least get in the water. Wish I can vote for all these amazing people. Good luck

  2. Cindy

    Jacki Kennebrew is a fierce yet gentle warrior. Once she makes up her mind there is no stopping her. Please join me by voting for #3. I’m so proud of you Jacki !!

  3. liz

    #4!! Jess is not only beautiful but she has a beautiful soul! Even though she is in a wheel chair I haven’t seen anything stop her from enjoying life and living it to the fullest!

  4. Nadine Hogan

    I vote for Jessica Heinz who is #4.. Love her so much. She won’t let anything stop her from enjoying family and friends..


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