#WhatSCI Photo Contest

SPINALpedia is hosting it’s first ever #WhatSCI photo contest! We want to show the world how the spirit of determination lives strong in our hearts despite having to live with a spinal cord injury. We are fierce souls hellbent on still loving all that life has to offer! Please check out our photo submissions below.

To vote, put the number of your favorite photo in the comments box. Voting will be allowed between Friday March 17th – Wednesday March 21st. The winner will receive an exclusive bio written about their story, which we will feature on our blog. Thank you for participating!

Also vote on your favorite pic on our Facebook post for the contest here

1. Just ridin’ some waves – Wayne Smith

2. First time climbing – Lauren O’Connor

3. Tranquil paddling – Monica Christ (wife of a quad)

4. Cali road trip – Timothy and his gf 

5. In for the hut with Coach – James Vollmer

6. Out at my usual haunt – Mikey Taylor

7. My home welding shop – Jovodi Vodi

8. Playing Cricket like a boss – Uttamkumar Isurdeen

9. The art of rowing from a wheelchair – Bert

10. Back in the ATV seat again – Ryan

11. An artist open to love – Amy

12. Trust founder attending a friend’s wedding – Marianne Rooprai/Rooprai Spinal Trust (rstrust.com)

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