Dreaming with Adventurous Wheels — Cuba Voyage: An Introduction

We’re excited to announce that this Sunday Josh Basile, our Founder and C4-5 quadriplegic along with two other paralyzed men — Colin Buchanan and Robby Beckman — will be embarking on a thrilling sailing adventure from Key West to Cuba and back over seven days. 

Their adventure will be covered by an ESPN photographer, writer and film crew. Once arriving in Cuba, they will experience life on the island, including staying in a B&B owned by a Cuban paraplegic. Our hope is for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure to empower those with spinal injuries all around the world to wheel after their dreams. With the right attitude and an adventurous spirit most anything is possible.

We believe that in order to truly experience the world one must not be afraid to get their wheels a little dirty and in our situation, a little wet. No matter the surface – land, air or sea – the world can and should be experienced by all. Life is too short not to dream big and with our Cuban adventure, we know we will be able to relay this hopeful message to the masses.

Please revisit this blog over the duration of the voyage for daily blog posts from all crew, photo shares, profiles of the crew and ship and more.

– SPINALpedia

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