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The “Best of the Best” WCMX Videos


We’ve talked about the emerging sport of WCMX before. It’s hard not to profile these awesome videos. Whether you’re watching these fearless wheelchair-users throw themselves down steep ramps or precariously balance themselves on a stair rail (yes they do this), this sport is beyond entertaining.  It’s so cool you can’t take your eyes away.

So to celebrate our obsession with this new wheelchair sport, we’ve decided to profile three of the most impressive WCMX videos out there, and we found some good ones you surely will forgot for a very long time. From an epic handrail contest to a throwdown, check them out below.

Video #1: WCMX Handrail Contest on the Beach

While quoting Mr. Miagi from Karate Kid and flying down a handrail, these California wheelchair skateboarders are some of the coolest guys on the planet. In this video, watch several of them compete in the They Will Skate Again Wheelchair Handrail Contest held in Venice Beach, California last year.

In about 2:30 minutes. you get to watch half a dozen wheelchair-users fly themselves off a ramp to catch air and then attempt to land on a handrail (while stay balanced). While some fail miserably and get into some terrible wipe outs and others land like a ninja, it’s an amazing spectacle to behold.

Watch: WCMX Handrail Contest – 2014 They Will Skate Again

Video #2: No Excuses WCMX Throwdown

In this No Excuses Throwdown sponsored by Rise Adaptive Sports, this beautifully insane WCMX extravaganza is something everyone must watch. In less than 2 minutes, dozens of young men show off their best moves in a WCMX obstacle course in Irving, Texas.

And Aaron Fotheringham, one of the best WCMXers in the world, is there and part of the action, showing off his best moves (and making everyone look just a little less talented in the process). Several of the other best WCMXers are there as well however and give him a run for as many.

Watch: WCMX No Excuses Throwdown

Video # 3: The Great Balancing Skateboard Act

Want to see what happens when a WCMXer gets a Go Pro camera for Christmas? A lot of amazing footage strung together in another can’t-look-away montage, and this is courtesy of Katherine Beattie, one of the few females in the WCMX scene. Not only does she make it look easy, she makes it look good.

She starts out on a skateboard while on her knees, dropping in and out of empty pools just like the boys from Dogtown, and then moves on to true WCMX moves while in her wheelchair, skating with the able-bodied boys and keeping up.

Watch: New Year, New Edit

Without guts, there is no glory in the WCMX world. Gathering the courage however remains one of the hardest things about this sport. For advice in this, we recommend contacting WCMX athletes themselves. It’s always best to go straight to the source.

Courage is never easy to find, but once you find it, you’ve got it forever.

What WCMX tricks do you think are the coolest?

Watch the videos!

WCMX Handrail Contest – 2014 They Will Skate Again

Sweet WCMX No Excuses Throwdown

WCMXer Katherine Beattie balances on a skateboard

SCI Superstar: Shaun Doss


Whether he is at the skate park, on the court or out on the ice rink, Shaun Doss is at home. Injured before he was 5 years old, this little dude has big plans to become the next big thing in wheelchair sports, and he’s already got a grockin’ head start.

And don’t let him fool ya – he would still love to walk again too – with him family trying to raise funds for stem cell treatments in Costa Rica a couple of years ago. A fighter, a natural athlete and a name to remember, this is the fearless story of Shaun Dos..

Why he’s fearless

For Shaun, the moment his entire life changed was when he was a passenger in his parents’ Dodge Durango when he was just four years old; an accident that happened nearly 8 years ago. An oncoming car ran a red light and t-boned the car Shaun was in.

He was sitting in the third row of the vehicle, and because the impact was so bad the seat belt buckled, causing Shaun’s torso to fold in half and causing a T4 injury. Shaun’s family initially bought a lawsuit to Chrysler, hoping they would pay for Shaun’s long-term medical expenses. Unfortunately however, Chrysler was able to find a loophole out of being sued.

As Shawn grew up, he fell in love with adapted sports – wheelchair basketball, sled-hockey and his latest discovery, WCMX. Shawn plays for the Grand Rapids Sled wings, an adapted a hockey league, and he plays for the Grand Rapids Jr. Pacers, a wheelchair basketball team. Shaun also travels often throughout the year because of sports, and sharing his travels with the world via Twitter.

WCMX however, wheelchair skateboarding, is by far Shaun’s most favorite sport.  Jumping his chair and dropping into half pipes are sensations Shaun’s never felt before, therefore feeding his passion for this growing sport. He frequently skates with WCMX phenom Aaron Fortheringham and has been taking part in WCMX competitions throughout the last couple of years.

What’s next?

And Box Wheelchairs, a forward-thinking wheelchair manufacturer that specializes in WCMX wheelchairs, has taken Shaun in as one of their ambassadors and added him to “Team Box.” He is busy performing with Box Wheelchairs and has garnered several sponsors a long way as well, including Spinergy wheelchair wheels.

And Shaun is also interested in walking again. In 2011, his family raised enough money to bring Shaun to Costa Rica for stem cell treatments; a $20,000 chunk of change most couldn’t afford on their own. He saw a significant increase in sensation because of this treatment.

A little firecracker, that future holds big things for Shaun Doss.  Determined, fearless and always excited to try new things, Shaun shows that even the youngest can n bounce back beautifully when facing a spinal cord injury.

Visit his site – Shaun Doss

Would you try WCMX?

Watch the videos!

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