Fire Dance: Best of Wheelchair Salsa


For a style of dance that’s only been around since the 1970s, salsa has gone on to become one of the most popular styles of dance. And wheelchair salsa is just as popular.

Quick with intense Latin flair, it’s hard to find a style of dance that has been adapted so well. Whether it’s a couple enjoying the dance or a dazzling group performance of wheelchair salsa dancers, there are some amazing wheelchair salsa videos out there too.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best-of wheelchair salsa videos and uncovered three you’ll absolutely love. Check them out below!

Video #1: New LA adapted dance studio showcasing salsa

Longtime dance teacher Marisa Hamamoto may not be in a wheelchair, but she was. A few years ago she was paralyzed from the neck down when she was struck with spinal cord infarction, but fortunately she was able to recover.

Since her wheelchair experience, she’s been inspired to apply her dance experience to the realm of wheelchairs, and she’s been dabbling with teaching wheelchair ballroom dance.

And the truth is that Marisa isn’t just “dabbling” in wheelchair dance anymore, she’s become a full-on expert. Recently she founded Wheelchair Dancepiration, a wheelchair dance organization, and here is a wheelchair salsa video of her and her partner Adelfo Cerame Jr., a hunky paraplegic, dancing at a wheelchair salsa exposition.

They dance sexy, oh yes. It’s a definite eye-catching performance.

Watch: Marisa Hamamoto & Adelfo Cerame Jr Rumba to Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”

Video #2: Fast and turny, with a big grin

In this rockin’ showcase of wheelchair salsa by the Wheelchair Dancers Organization longtime wheelchair dance teacher/director Joe Torres performs with one of his most talented students, Joanna Capstack, to the tune “I Love Salsa” and they make it look easy, and a whole lot of fun.

Fast and furious, Joe spins Joanna around the floor like a pretty top; the essence of salsa but flipped from the bottom up. But how does she not get dizzy? What’s her secret? We here at SPINALpedia are dying to know.

Watch: Longtime wheelchair dance teacher performs with new student Joanna

Video # 3: Israeli wheelchair salsa group performance

As part of the wheelchair Latin dance group Z.H.A.L., a veterans with disabilities organization in Israel, the group performs at Salsa Congress Eliat, a salsa exposition in their home country, and they put on a full group performance with five men in wheelchairs and five able-bodied female dancers, with lights and the full-on spectacle.

We love how the crowd gets to their feet at the end too, giving these amazing men the kudos they deserve.

Watch: Salsa Congress Eilat israel 2010

We can’t forget – the sport is an amazing calorie burner. If you need to lose weight and use a wheelchair, wheelchair salsa is probably one of the best forms of wheelchair dance out there to dance the weight away. All you need is a big room and a willing partner. Oh, and a heart open to dancing of course too.

Happy Dancing!

What is your favorite style of wheelchair dance?

Watch the videos!

Wheelchair Dance: Marisa Hamamoto & Adelfo Cerame Jr Rumba to Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”

Longtime wheelchair teacher performs with new student Joanna

Salsa Congress Eilat israel 2010

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