Rolling in the Trees: Wheelchair Accessible Treehouses


In the vast world of treehouses, only a handful are wheelchair accessible. It’s not easy putting a ramp into a tree, especially if you’re following ADA ramp-grade guidelines, but the good news – it can totally be done.

Whether it’s Treehouse Masters, the reality show that follows Pete Nelson and his treehouse crew, to something a bit more inconspicuous like a park in Illinois, just know that it’s possible, it just might take a wee bit more sweat equity.

Video #1:  “Treehouse Masters” TV Show Goes Accessible

A couple of months ago Treehouse Masters, a reality show on Animal pPlanet, featured their first ever accessible treehouse and it was for a little boy in Arizona named AJ August. AJ was born with his disability, and for years he’s been dreaming of an accessible treehouse.

Over the summer, the Make A Wish Foundation teamed up with the Flagstaff Fire Department and Treehouse Masters to complete this amazing treehouse. And its pinnacle feature is a 100 foot long ramp, which is 100% ADA compliant.

Watch: Treehouse Masters “Make A Wish” Treehouse

Video #2: Famous UK Architect Creates Treehouse with a Lift

Charlie Luxton, an architect from England, was recruited to design a wheelchair accessible treehouse for The Children’s Trust, a charity in the UK that helps children who’ve sustained brain injuries. This charity is based in a beautiful old country home in Tadworth, Surrey.

It took a massive team, but they were able to successfully build an accessible treehouse, with Charlie adding both a lift and a ramp to allow wheelchair-users to enter. Watch the entire build take place below.

Watch: The Children’s Trust – The Great Treehouse Challenge

Video #3: Forever Young Treehouses Builds Accessible Treehouse

Citizens Park in Barrington, Illinois is where you can find one of the most beautiful wheelchair accessible treehouses in the US. Built by Forever Young Treehouses, a treehouse building company, they created this accessible wonder to bring the beauty, peace and fun of hanging out in the trees to everyone. Also, they too added long ramps. Forever Young has built over 15 treehouses throughout the US.

Watch: HouseSmarts “Treehouses” Episode 15

Something comes over you when you hang out in a treehouse for awhile; a healing, soothing thing unlike anything else. It may not be the same as jumping and exploring the trees with your own two hands, but it’s something. And for immobile folks like you and me who don’t get any of this usually, this is a very good thing.

Have you been in an accessible treehouse? What were its coolest features?

Watch the videos!

Treehouse “Masters Make A Wish” Treehouse

The Children’s Trust – The Great Treehouse Challenge

HouseSmarts “Building Accessible Treehouses” Episode 15

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