A Lighthearted Look at the Wheelchair Stare Down


In the animal kingdom when you stare at a creature for too long, either one of two things happen – you get the crap beat out of you or whatever you’re staring at may think you’re interested. What about when you use a wheelchair?

We get stared at all the time and we’re expected to well, not think anything. Not get mad, and definitely not take it as a come on. Some wheelers hate this double standard, however many don’t care at all if they’re stared at. They are the lighthearted ones.

How do you deal with stares? Check out a few videos we’ve uncovered profiling three people with disabilities who let stares roll right off their backs.

Video #1: Hannah Doesn’t Give a You-Know-What

Sharp humor often comes in tiny packages, which is why you must virtually meet Hannah Soyer. A college student from the University of Iowa, Hannah has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (a form of Muscular Dystrophy she was born with) and has always looked on the lighter side of life.

When it comes to staring, she really couldn’t care less.Well strike that, if you’re over 50 years old she minds, but only because she’s still a teenager and thinks it’s creepy when old guys stare/check her out. Ha!

Watch: The Wheelchair Girl – Staring

Video #2: You’re Only Staring Because My Makeup Is Awesome. It’s Ok.

Madi, another teenager with a disability, shares the same sentiments as Hannah. She has no problem whatsoever with being stared at, but her only wish – that adults had the same ability as kids do to just come out with it and ask her what her disability is.

Born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy too, Madi has been used to being stared at her whole life, but recently since discovering makeup, she’s now getting stared because of her insanely impressive makeup abilities. Maybe that’s the secret.

You got to love this lady. She even puts herself in the shoes of the able-bodied person staring at her and says to herself, “You know it’s ok. If I were you, I’d probably stare as well.”  True compassion right there.

Watch: MDA, Camp, and My Take On Life

Video #3:  Everyone Stares Because I’m So Sexy.

“Would you like a hand?” is a question often asked to Jon-Allan Buttersworth, a single arm amputee and Paralympian from England, which he thinks is hysterically funny.

He may not have a spinal cord injury, but he knows the world of staring all too well. As you can imagine he gets a ton of stares, but he’s developed a humor barrier we absolutely love. “They’re staring because I’m incredibly good looking. That’s bloody why,” he says with a smirk, and that’s all he has to say on the subject.

He is one sexy guy so we’ll have to agree with him on that.

Watch: Meet The Paralympians: Jon-Allan Butterworth on being stared at

Where do you land on the side of things? Do you even notice if you’re being stared or does it make you uncomfortable? There may be a strong possibility those with acquired disabilities get bothered by it more, but we’ll leave that up to be experts.

All we know is that life is too short to get bothered by every stare that comes your way. Get out there, live and just think of stares as background noise.

Do you ever confront anyone who stares?

Watch the videos!

The Wheelchair Girl – Staring

MDA, Camp, and My Take On Life 🙂

Meet The Paralympians: Jon-Allan Butterworth on being stared at

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