DIYs by Spinal Cord Injured Folks We Love, Pt. II


So many DIYs (do-it-yourself), so little time; that is the theme of all of the awesome homemade videos being made by people with spinal cord injuries. They can sometimes make what they need, and save a bunch of money in the process. We’ve profiled some awesome DIYs in the past, and we’re at it again.

In this installment we’re profiling some impressive custom wheelchairs, as well as an art project almost anybody can do at home (and definitely something fun to do over the winter).  If you’re looking to save money, these are the videos you want to watch. Read on for three brand new DIY videos to hit the web from people with spinal cord injuries.

Video #1: Homemade Off-Road Wheelchair

Jamie McAnsh (of See No Bounds) may be new to using a wheelchair as of March of 2014 (he has a degenerative disc disease), but he certainly has the whole make-your-own-devices thing down pat. An outdoors guy through and through, he made his own custom off-road wheelchair.

Using an old wheelchair that was too big for him, as well as a tire from a kid’s mountain bike, extra straps, a couple of steel bars, plumbing insulation and a welding machine (he even added a Camelbak drinking water system), Jamie made his very own homemade off-road wheelchair, saving him at least $5,000, likely much more.

Watch: My custom built offroad wheelchair

Video #2: Homemade Beach Wheelchair

For a peek of how they do it in the Mediterranean, check out this impressive custom beach wheelchair made by a paraplegic living in Rhodes, Greece. He made a replica of a basic manual beach wheelchair for low-level paraplegics, complete with the low back, extra wide back tires and a singular front wheel; the secret weapon against beach sand.

In his video he demonstrates how he can push himself into the sea, hop out of his chair and swim. Unfortunately you’ll have a “it’s Greek to me moment” because it’s all in Greek, but that part isn’t that big of a deal though if you pay attention to the important parts.

Note: It’s too bad he doesn’t show how he made the wheelchair, but it’s still helpful seeing such an impressive custom beach wheelchair in action.

Watch: Swimming at Limanaki Beach 12-31-13

Video #3: Homemade Custom Spokeguards

And for something that’s a bit easier to undertake, DIY custom wheelchairs spokeguards. It’s totally possible to make any design of your choosing and put it on and a spokeguard at home. If you like to make a statement, this is a must-watch video, and it only takes 1:30 minutes to learn.

Supplies needed: Clear spokeguards, paint made for plastic and the design ironed-on a piece of clear vinyl in reverse (there are lots of iron-on designs on eBay and Etsy). Just stick, spray and then let dry. It’s pretty awesome how nice it turns out too. Very cool!

Watch: Make your own custom design wheelchair spokeguards

Thanks for watching our latest favorite DIYs, and remember, always ask yourself before buying anything disability-related, “Can I make this, or can I have someone make this at home?” and then search our site to see if such a video exists.

What DIYs have saved you money?

Watch the videos!

– DIY Off-Road Wheelchair

DIY Beach Wheelchair

DIY Spokeguards

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