SCI Superstar: Jessica Kruger

At only 21 years old, Jessica Kruger from Vancouver, Canada has already put a huge dent in her mission to change the way the world perceives beauty. Last year she put her hat in the ring for a nationwide modeling contest in Canada sponsored by Lise Watier, and she totally won.

Since winning, this college student and quad rugby player has been all over the news sharing her story and spreading the message that beauty can come in all forms. Get ready to be inspired by a woman dedicated to a higher mission that, as always, can be helped by a dress and a pair of Steve Madden heels.

Why she’s fearless

Jessica’s entrance into the spinal cord injury world was only 6 years ago. While working for a painting company when she was 15 years old, she fainted and fell from a ladder, breaking her neck in four different places. Although she has solid C7 movement, it’s been a tough road, especially in the beginning when she felt no one would see her as the old Jessica.

But Raj, an old friend from middle school, came to her bedside after her injury, and proved to her that he could still see her for who she really is. Not only did this uplift her spirits, but it forged a romantic relationship between the two that’s going strong till this day.

After high school, Jessica went on to attend one of the most prestigious schools in Canada, Simon Fraser University, where she’s in her fourth year studying literature. She also speaks for the Rick Hansen Institute as an ambassador, sharing her story and that life after spinal cord injury goes on.

Even early on in high school, Jessica exhibited a voice to be hard. In her short story, Conquered Fear, which she wrote for her English class, Jessica won a contest in Reader’s Digest that got her short story published. Check it out

A former athlete, Jessica also wanted to keep her body as active as possible, so she decided to partake in one of the toughest adapted sports out there – quad rugby. She’s currently the only female member on the British Columbia Provincial Wheelchair Rugby Team.

A self-proclaimed “girly-girl,” her participation on the team gives it a much needed dose of estrogen. Since she’s a part-time cupcake entrepreneur and cake decorator, Jessica brings treats to practice too. Cupcakes = the instant friend-maker. Umm…this alone would make me join the team.

And perhaps the coolest thing about Jessica is her title as 2013 spokesperson for the fragrance and makeup company giant, Lise Watier. It was a contest she didn’t expect to win (her friends brought up the idea that she should enter in fact).

Jessica had previously sent out modeling photos to agencies wanting to model a couple years prior, but she never heard back. Little does the modeling world know know how badly society is dying to see different types of beaut.

And yes Jessica won. The Lise Watier judges loved her confidence and story, beating 400 other contestants. Shocked and elated, it’s been a whirlwind for Jess too. She’s been promoting their latest perfume “Something Sweet,” which ironically goes hand in hand with her love of baking.

What’s next?

Getting more serious about quad rugby, Jessica’s next goal is to make it onto Canada’s Paralympic quad rugby team. Considering her age and level of injury, this is not a pipe dream in the least. Working out several times a week, she’s eying the Paralympic games in Rio in 2016.

Changing minds as a spokesperson, flying all over Canada making appearances at department stores, I’m sure Jessica is having a ball. An avid traveler who’s been to 43 countries, this is right up her alley. Jessica has also put out her feelers for more modeling opportunities. I would love to see another makeup company sign her to prove this wasn’t a one-time/rare thing.

More than anything, Jessica winning this national spokesperson contract for Lise Watier is remolding preconceived notions of beauty. She’s changing how the world views us, and this is one of the coolest things to happen in the modeling world in Canada quite a long time.

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Would you have the guts to enter a modeling contest?

Watch her videos!

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