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Even 10 years ago, long before his injury, Rafe Biggs PhD was not your average guy. A man with a sympathetic soul, he’s taken the torch of disability and sexuality and elevated it to new heights, and he isn’t afraid what society may think.

Founder of Sexability, an organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities discover sexual pleasure, Rafe has made it his mission to help people with disabilities have better sex lives. And he’s gone a step further in this quest, uncovering the mysterious world of “transfer orgasms;” the theory that the brain can find new areas on the body to experience intense pleasure.

To learn more about this beautiful man who’s dedicated his life to helping to improve the sexuality of people with disabilities, check out his amazing story below.

Why he’s fearless

In April 2004 while attending a meditation conference in India, a crazy accident befell Rafe and he fell off a rooftop, breaking his neck at C5-6.  Depressed like many of us are after our injuries, one of the first things he was concerned about was if he could have sex again.

A sexually active person before his injury, sex was an integral part of his life. Naturally, only being 34 years old when his accident occurred, Rafe wanted it to remain so. About a year later after returning home to the US and to his home state of Indiana, he had a revelation about his sexuality with his girlfriend one night who was playing around with his thumb.

The sensation was surprisingly pleasurable, daresay akin to genital sensation, says Rafe. It made him so excited to know that sexual pleasure could still could be had using a different conduit. He calls it a “transfer orgasm,” which he and sex therapists are continuing to explore. Many sexual therapists believe nearly any body part can be used as a conduit for orgasm.

Inspired, Rafe decided to found the nonprofit Sexability, an organization dedicated to helping people disabilities discover sexual pleasure and loving relationships. Most recently, his organization had a booth at the LA Abilities Expo. The organization offers sexual coaching to people disabilities, helping them understand what they need sexually, as well as webinar series. They’re next webinar, “Transforming Sexuality After Spinal Cord Injury” starts April 15th. Sign up

What’s next?

To further promote his mission, Rafe allowed his sexual life to the filmed for the Canadian TV series Strange Sex. Check out a clip. And the organization also put forth a calendar for 2014, featuring sensual photos of people with disabilities. Part-fundraiser and part eye-opener, this calendar is awesome. Check it out

Now living in Berkeley, California, he’s also a leadership and life coach for Soma Evolution, helping people reach their full potential. Rafe is without question dedicated to helping other human beings. This may very well be his best quality, other than his fabulous hair of course.

Above all, not enough research has been done in the area of sexuality and people with disabilities. Bravo to you Rafe for helping out our segment of the population that can always use a little bit more help.

Learn more: Sexability

Have you experienced a transfer orgasm?

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