Dogs Ridin’ On Wheelchairs


Dogs have been man’s best friend ever since some wolves would rather cuddle with us THAN eat us, and this couldn’t be more true for those of us in wheelchairs. We love our fur-babies. They provide us comfort when the rest of the world is being a big fat jerk.

Boy do dogs have an uncanny ability to make us happy. They can be so goofy, so adorable, and be totally clueless of our disabilities, not giving a lick if we’re different.  You can especially see this when they interact directly with our wheelchairs, riding on them whichever way they can. And there are some amazing videos out there showing how cute this can be.

Check out three wheelchair dog-ridin’ videos below, guaranteed to make you smile.

Our first video comes from the beautiful Jessica Ruiz, a woman with MS who lives in Florida. She has the cutest black Pug named Rocco, and he loves riding on her footrests wherever she goes. I always knew Pugs were quite the adorable pet, but this is something else. I’ve never seen a dog do such a thing, and it works so well!  Watch how a Pug rides a footrest

Our second video comes from an able-bodied girl named Bridget who has an agreeable Golden Labrador as a pet, and he loves riding in the spare wheelchair they have at the family farm. What she does is stick the dog in the wheelchair, and push him around like a crazy person. And the dog just stays there, panting and smiling, loving the free ride.  While neither person in this video actually needs a wheelchair, it’s quite adorable watching the Lab get a free ride. Watch Abby get pushed in a wheelchair

And our third video is one of the most ingenious ways I’ve seen a wheelchair-user bring their small dog with them – putting them on a small skateboard behind them, and pulling them along at a steady pace. It may be a little hard to maneuver at first, but it’s totally possible as this scooter-user shows. Watch her doggie go for a ride on a skateboard

Dogs consistently surprise us, and when you use a wheelchair and own a dog they’ll surprise you even more. Just remember, when you give your dog a ride on your chair, be as careful as possible. One little slip-up could lead to the doggie or you getting hurt, and that is no fun at all.

How does your dog hitch a ride on your wheelchair?

Watch the videos!

Pug hitchin’ a ride on a footrest

Golden Lab who loves riding in a manual chair

Mini Dachshund riding on a skateboard being pulled by a scooterEnhanced by Zemanta

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