Video Shaming: Catching Handicap Parking Offenders


We can complain about people parking in our accessible parking spaces all day long, but that only be so fulfilling. Sometimes…we need to do something more, something that will help us feel like we can change a bad situation. It’s frustrating just sitting there watching the chaos happen or simply leaving a note hoping it will make them think.

No, there’s something bigger we can do and that very thing is “video-shaming.” With nearly everyone with a camera on their cell phone nowadays, it’s the best solution to really get to the offender; making them squirm is sometimes the best option. Check out three examples of video-shaming accessible parking offenders below.

Our first video comes from “Handicap This!” a web series featuring the very funny “Mike,” a comedian with CP, and his cohorts. In webisode #9, “To Catch a Handicap Parking Violator,” they record a woman that is not only legally parked, but is blocking his van in. This all goes down at a Potbelly restaurant while they were getting lunch.

After waiting 25 minutes, the violator eventually comes walking out, and is totally mortified by them filming her illegal park job. They confront her, but she keeps her shades on and gets in her car and zooms away like a total jerk. Yes folks, this is the reality of the situation. Watch her get confronted at a Potbelly

Our second video comes from a woman so frustrated with a vehicle illegally parked next to her van, blocking her in, that she felt compelled to show the world exactly why it’s such a big deal. So while waiting for the police to arrive she shows how when her ramp deploys, it hits the vehicle next to her (too bad she didn’t scratch it). Watch her demo of her ramp when she’s blocked in

And our third video comes from Aaron Wood, a super cute C3 quad, who also finds a car illegally parked next to his van when he comes out from his place. He films the blue Range Rover and has a few choice words to say about people who drive expensive cars and feel entitled to park in accessible spaces (sadly this is often true). Watch Aaron’s video-shaming

I am a firm believer in the power of video-shaming. The more we do it, the better chance we have at finally making people too afraid to try it. It may feel like you’re being too aggressive, but it’s one of our best weapons in this longstanding fight.

Have you ever video-shamed handicap parking offenders?

Watch the videos!

Handicap This! The Series Webisode #9 To Catch a Handicap Parking Violator

Woman shows how a vehicle blocking her accessible van can wreak havoc on her day

Quad video-shaming a guy illegally parked in an accessible parking spot

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