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There wasn’t ever a time in Kebra Moore’s life when she wasn’t musical. A renowned gospel singer with hits to her name, a motivational speaker and the current Ms. Wheelchair Mississippi, Kebra Moore definitely knows a thing or two about how to move on after a spinal cord injury.

And on top of all that, she knows how to do it with style. She’s even spearheaded a program to help newly injured women realize they’re still beautiful. Read on to learn about this soulful woman with a passion for God, music and beauty.

Why she’s fearless

Born and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina, Kebra studied musical education, honing her skills in opera, jazz, R&B and gospel at Claflin University, a school near her hometown, where she received her BA in 1997. After graduating, she went on to study her Master’s degree in Jazz at the University of New Orleans, receiving that degree in 1999.

But 1999 turned out to be the year her entire life would change, when on Christmas Eve of that year she was involved in a motor vehicle accident, becoming a T12 paraplegic on the spot. Kebra knew her life would never be the same, but was determined to not give up on a career in music.

In 2007, 8 years after her injury, Kebra reconnected with her spiritual self, and it was then she decided to focus solely on gospel. In 2010, she released her debut album “Kingdom Understood,” with the single, “Beautiful,” that touches on an important topic many women with spinal cord injuries experience – feeling beautiful no matter the “image” society likes to tell us is beautiful; a subject all women can relate to. This video even appeared on the B.E.T. Watch the video

And another single off the album, “Troubles,” became a hit, with its video as well appearing on the B.E.T. The video was also nominated for B.E.T’s Music Award for Best Gospel Song and Video. Watch the video

Not to skip a beat on making a splash with her debut album, another track off the album, “He’ll Make a Way,” was chosen to be part of the soundtrack for a documentary on President Barack Obama called “Becoming Barak.”

What’s next?

Hot off her first album, Kebra released her sophomore album, “Under the Influence,” last year, and just this summer she recorded the video for her next big single, “Never Let Him Go,” with the hip-hop wheelchair dance troupe Hot Wheelz with Chelsie Hill and company part of the video as well.

And when she’s not working on her music, she’s traveling with the Abilities Expo, performing for expo-goers and hosting “The Beautiful Campaign,” where she puts on a “spa day” educating those who attend on how to reclaim one’s self-esteem. She has also been bringing this campaign to rehab hospitals throughout the country. And she’s also working hard as Ms. Wheelchair Mississippi, working with the Mississippi legislature to make the state more ADA compliant.

Nothing is stopping this full of life lady. Also a full-time mother and wife, Kebra Moore is the very example of what truly is possible after an injury.

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Have you seen Kebra’s videos on the B.E.T?

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Kebra Moore performing in her video “Troubles”

Kebra Moore interviewed on Indie Artist Spotlight

Kebra Moore’s PSA for wounded veteran

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