Brits, Women and Quads Take On Wheelchair Boxing


Getting adequate cardio is always a bit tricky when you can’t walk, yet one of the best ways to get it remains one of my favs – a good old fashioned boxing workout.  That’s right, you sure as heck can still slap on a pair of gloves and box without leg movement.

And even better than that – full arm movement isn’t even required either. All it takes is a little arm movement, and you too can see how good you are at boxing. From quads going toe to toe in boxing matches to a feisty paraplegic showing how he attacks a boxing bag, here are four videos that may inspire you to start channeling your inner Mohammed Ali.

Our first video comes from West Gray Adaptive Recreation Center, an adapted center down in Houston, Texas. Each Thursday they present a “Thursday Fight Night” where people of all abilities can come down and square off between one another in a boxing match.

In the video from one of their nights, “Clay vs. Mike,” you get to watch two lower level quads battle it out hardcore.  It really is a stupendous match to watch. They both wear chest straps and have at it, hitting each other relentlessly. Watch them fight for an impressive 3 minutes

With boxing’s roots originally from the UK, it’s no surprise a wheelchair boxing academy has sprung up over there, and it’s awesomely hardcore. Called Hastings Wheelchair Boxing Academy, this school allows people of all disabilities to partake, including spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and other nerve-related disabilities.

In this promotional video for their academy, they introduce some of their best students, including Jack Smart aka “One Armed Bandit” and Claud Sinden aka “Clyde” wailing on another guy, both doing some awesome boxing moves from their wheelchairs. It also shows some of their training exercises, like group medicine ball. I so see a movie being made about these guys one day. Watch the promo video

And for a quick video of female boxing amazingness, check out this video of Beth, a quadriplegic who boxes several days a week. Yes, this girl is buff.  It’s a super quick video, but it shows exactly what’s capable of a female lower level quadriplegic.

In the video she takes on a boxing bag, doing the classic jab and cross in the old one two (did I get that right?), and holy cow is she quick. Check it out for yourself – watch Beth slam her fists into a heavy boxing bag

When in doubt, if you need a good cardio workout turn to boxing. I have even done it on the Wii (with the sports game that comes with the system), and that too was crazy fun. Just make sure you have a chest strap on if you need one. That way, you can really break a sweat.

Have you tried wheelchair boxing?

Watch the videos!

Quad wheelchair boxing match at West Gray Adaptive Recreation Center

Promotional video for Hastings Wheelchair Boxing Academy

Beth, a quad, punches a heavy boxing bag

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