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Halloween on Wheels


Halloween is upon us; one of my favorite times of year. And even if you don’t celebrate, you have to admit the holiday has some pretty cool elements – have a good time, be someone else for the day, scare a few people and eat candy. How awesome of a holiday is that?

And it seems everywhere I go, I always meet wheelchair-users who love Halloween.  Maybe it’s because it’s fun to be someone else because let’s face it, always being the “wheelchair person” gets old. Why not be a superhero or a rolling photo booth, instead of a medical contraption like it usually is?

If you love Halloween too, then you’ll love our four must-see Halloween videos below, showing everything from a wheelchair costumer’s point-of-view on being the “wheelchair version” of whatever character to a video of one of the best costumes I’ve seen yet for a wheelchair-user.

Our first video comes from Matt Beebe aka “Cyborg on Life,” a very funny actor from LA who’s paralyzed and has lots of opinions on life from his perspective; and let me say he’s awesome (he may just be my new favorite Internet crushes). With his blue hair, sewing abilities and strong opinions, what’s not to love?

In his Halloween video “Wheelchair Halloween Costumes,” he discusses the age old question of every wheelchair-user wonders – must we always incorporate our wheelchair into our costume?  While it’s a blast to do, as many costumes dreamt-up in our costume contest (link) prove, he talks about why we can still be whoever we want to be too, like Flash, even though he wasn’t a wheelchair-user. Watch his video and relate

If our next video doesn’t make you laugh, you may just be dead. It comes from a gentleman from Georgia who has a spinal muscular atrophy and he’s dreamt of the most twisted wheelchair costume I’ve ever seen and it’s executed WELL – an electric chair. That’s right, the thing they use to kill people on death row.  He made his wheelchair look like an old school electric chair and he’s the prisoner in it. Brilliant! We also had a young girl submit a photo of her in the same costume for our Halloween costume contest for wheelers this year. Check it out

The detail of his costume is awesome too. From his striped jail bird uniform to the firecracker effect on his head (under the metal plate) when you “flip the switch” is OMG impressive. Watch his electric chair costume in crackle and pop

For a wheelchair-user costume that’s not as morbid, you can’t get a more happier costume than a disco ball on wheels, and that’s exactly what Mike, a power wheelchair-user did, for Halloween last year. He put himself in a shiny silver jumpsuit, strapped a silver helmet to his head and to top it off – his entire midsection was stuffed round to emulate a disco ball.  It turned out awesome too, as his video proves.

What’s possibly the best thing about the costume however is the setting of the video – he is on a dance floor resembling the one Steve Martin had in his basement in the “Jerk,” and is spinning himself in 360 turns just like a disco ball, much to the delight of the crowd. Watch this amazingness in action

If you really want to show your friends you have a good sense of humor, our last video will do that in spades. It’s the “Wheelchair Psycho” animated statue from the Spirit Halloween Store, and it’s one of the creepiest things I’ve seen in awhile – an angry clown with an amputated leg, wielding a knife in a wheelchair, and it has an evil laugh that will haunt you forever. Yeah this statue was worth every penny of its $134 price tag. Watch the statue (and try not to get scared now)

Remember – if you do go out for Halloween this year at night, be safe. Wheelchair-users are always hard to see by cars at night. Reflector tape is your friend.

Have a great Halloween whatever you do!

What do you love about Halloween? What are your favorite wheelchair costume? 

Watch the videos!

Paralyzed costumer talks about Halloween & wheelchair costumes

Electric chair wheelchair costume

Disco ball wheelchair costume

Psycho wheelchair prop Halloween decoration

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This year’s Halloween Costume Contest Winner IS….

Drew Cumpson!


Drew Cumpson as the Knight in Shining Armor!

Early this month, SPINALpedia and our friends at Magee Rehab Hospital teamed up to host the first ever Trick Your Ride Halloween Costume Contest. We invited our community to share photos of their Halloween costumes that incorporate their assistive devices. We then asked our followers to weigh in and vote for their favorites on Facebook. And after some fierce competition we have our winner: Drew Cumpson!

Drew won the competition thanks to his incredibly creative “knight atop a horse” costume. SPINALpedia and Magee caught up with Drew to talk to him a little about his background, that amazing costume and his advice for making Halloween awesome, disability or not.

First of all, congratulations! We know you’re the guy with the awesome knight costume, but why don’t you tell us a little more about yourself?

I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and am a student at the University of Guelph. I’m studying Hotel and Food Administration under the commerce umbrella, so I have been very busy with school trying to finish up my degree! I’m a big fan of country music and I like to go to as many concerts as I can. It is one of the things I enjoy most!

On May 10, 2011 I was on a humanitarian trip in Lima, Peru when a large wave crashed me off the ocean floor, fracturing my C4 vertebrae leaving me with quadriplegia. I am also on a ventilator due to the lack of diaphragm muscle. Because of that, I use a power chair that I control with an array of head controls.

Tell us more about your incredible knight in shining armor costume. 

It was my idea, thought up with my own creativity! My aunt and grandma helped me make it. We bought some materials, but the rest of the costume was made from materials we already had.

What tips do you have for other wheelchair users who want to make Halloween costumes as awesome as yours?

The biggest thing is creativity. When you have a chair to work with, you can do a lot of different things with it to make it intricate and inventive. Your wheelchair is the best prop you have, and you can make it into whatever you like! The costume I created for this year [pictured below] is even more elaborate than last year’s.

Drew as a Train

A huge thank you to Drew and all our other contestants in the Trick Your Ride Photo Contest! Your creativity is incredible – thank you for sharing it with us. And from all of us at SPINALpedia and Magee, we want to wish everyone a very happy and safe Halloween!

To learn more about Drew and his story, watch his video