SCI Superstar: Tiffany Giddes


It’s not easy being fabulous and paralyzed, yet somehow Tiffany Giddes manages to pull it off.  An actress living in L.A. but a Southern girl at heart, Tiffany knows exactly what it takes to adapt to her surroundings.  She’s an actress, producer and the first person in a wheelchair to be on Sons of Anarchy.

When her injury occurred, she was like a cat too, and landed on both legs and kept moving forward.  From making skydiving a regular habit to producing and starring in her own original film, read on to learn about the amazing Tiffany Giddes, an actress determined to change how people with disabilities are portrayed in the media.

Why she’s fearless

Originally from Florida, Tiffany made her big move to California to pursue her acting career in 2008.  Her injury occurred just 6 years prior when she was 19.  Like so many spinal cord injury stories, she was a passenger in a car accident and everyone walked away except her.

Once out in L.A., she teamed up with Teal Sherer, another SCI superstar of ours and an actress doing her thing from a wheelchair. Tiffany’s goal – to produce and star in her own film.  She decided on the script, Collision, a film that would be the first to feature two female wheelchair user is in leading roles.

The story is about a girl who becomes paralyzed and befriends another woman who’s paralyzed. The two set out to seek revenge (but of course learn at the end of the film that revenge is not the answer). Tiffany was able to raise the $20,000 on Kickstarter to complete the film. Watch the trailer

Also after moving to L.A, Tiffany became a spokesperson for Colours Wheelchairs, the hip wheelchair company known or creating completely customizable manual wheelchairs. Tiffany travels with the Abilities Expo around the country helping promote the company.  Watch her do her schpeel at the Abilities Expo

And in 2010, she became the first person who uses a wheelchair to snag role in the FX series Sons of Anarchy. Tiffany played the best receptionist ever.

When she’s not busy ac7ting, producing or promoting, Tiffany is a lover of all things extreme – scuba, extreme fitness, driving ATV’s. She also skydives regularly and surfs as often as she can with Life Rolls On. “Getting carried by the boys is definitely a perk of adapted surfing,” jokes Tiffany.

What’s next?

Over the last year or so, she also joined the video-blogging team The Ability 411, a group of people spinal cord injuries talking about important issues.  She’s also the co-creator of the Spokes ‘n Perceptions channel, which she runs on the Disability Today Network.  This show tackles touchy subjects mainstream shows are afraid to.

And one of her most recent career “additions” is becoming a fitness coach.  Healthy eating, in-gym working out, all of it. Keeping her body in tip-top shape is one of the most important things to things to Tiffany, as it rightly should be. You got to take care of your body, you.

What do you think of this amazing lady? Have you seen Collision yet?

Watch the videos!

Tiffany Giddes in the documentary about her injury, Dare To Move

Tiffany Giddes and Teal Sherer in a teaser for her film, Collision

Tiffany Giddes representing Colours Wheelchairs at the Abilities Expo

Tiffany Giddes for The Ability 411 on coming out if you’re disabled

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