Traveling Like a Rockstar: Accessible RVs


Traveling for extended amount of time with a disability can be one of the most challenging things.  Finding everything you need – a roll-in shower with a Hoyer lift, an automatic bed, a kitchen with all of the appliances you need to cook, let’s be honest, that’s almost impossible.

And that’s exactly why accessible RVs have become one of the smartest ways for people with disabilities to travel. You get to bring everything with you, even if it does cost a pretty penny.   But let’s not talk about that small detail right now.  If you have the money and are traveling where it’s possible to take an RV, they are awesome, and we have four accessible RV videos to prove it.

Our first video comes from Lynn Dunkley, a paraplegic who owns a 1972 Morris Motorhome, one of the rarest RVs in the world.  It’s similar to a VW bus, but a little bit bigger, and they definitely didn’t come with a lift.  What Lynn did is get his RV modified with a really cool lift/door setup that work in harmony with one another, kind of like how a Lamborghini door goes up in the air. In his short video, Lynn gives a quick demo. Check out his Morris Motorhome

The second video we found is definitely “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Get ready to dream. It shows an accessible luxury motorhome coach, giving a full tour.  You get to see every aspect of this amazing RV in a first-person perspective, and boy is a decorated beautifully.

It has a skylight in the roll-in shower, beautiful modern hardware, a fully accessible kitchen. This is one amazing way to travel if you have the money. Take the tour (and prepare to drool)

If you love accessible RVs, but don’t have the money for a luxury coach, you can get a trailer that is just as awesome. The Freedom Traveler, an accessible RV trailer made specifically for wheelchair-users, is the perfect thing.

It has a long telescoping ramp that can be erected by one person and the trailer expands twice its size (with a pullout wall) when parked. The entire trailer is beautiful and accessible, from the bathroom and kitchen to the bedroom in the back. For anyone who has a truck or a van, pulling this trailer is doable. Take a tour of the Freedom Traveler

Our last video comes from an active paraplegic John Dains, an ex-military guy, who loves to travel in his RV and drives by transferring into the driver’s seat. As you can imagine, transferring into an RV captain’s chair isn’t the easiest transfer in the world, but he gets it done. All it takes is a bit of maneuvering of his manual chair to get close, and bam, he’s in. Watch how it’s done

There’s no question about it, accessible RVs are a luxury item. Whether you buy or rent, it may exceed your budget, but if you can swing it, please do. And if you do go, Happy RVing and remember when you’re on the road, the KOAs have awesome pools, and you can never go wrong with breakfast at the Waffle House.

Have you traveled in an accessible RV before?

Watch the videos!

Old ’72 modified accessible RV

Tour of a new high-end accessible RV

Freedom Traveler, an accessible RV trailer

Paraplegic showing how to transfer into the driver seat of his accessible RV

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