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We all have to wear clothes, but only a select few of us can truly be called fashionable. So you can undoubtedly understand my excitement whenever I run across a wheeler with superb fashion sense. Fashionable people, even if they can walk are rare, fashionable wheelers? Good luck finding one at the drop of the hat. We are far and wide, but we do exist. Are you a woman looking to amp up your wardrobe?  These videos below are the latest wheelchair fashion videos posted online last year from two awesome British wheelers.

Our first video comes from Wheelingalong24, a very stylish young woman from the UK and full-time manual wheelchair-user.  She’s made a number of fashion and makeup videos, and one of my favorite of hers is her 1:54 minute video talking about what to look for when buying a dress if you use a wheelchair.  It’s a bright and sunny video (with a nice greenery background) and she goes over all for important must-know dress tips, such as why dresses are great to begin with (they hide the gap between your legs if they splay open whenever you sit).

But more importantly, she goes over specific dress features to look for, like making sure your dress is long enough so when you sit so it doesn’t ride up and become embarrassingly short. She also advises making sure your dress still gives you some kind of shape (look for dresses that accentuate the smallest part of your waist) and avoiding ruching (it only makes you look bigger).  Her last tip: Don’t choose a super low neckline because when you sit, people can (and will) look down your cleavage.  Watch her video

Our second video comes from the same lovely lady, and in this video she shares back to school looks in her first ever “wheelchair look book” video, where she models several outfits that use one common piece – either a garment or an accessory. In the video she also shows how you can mix and match items, even putting together things you would never think otherwise. She talks about how hard it is to look good sitting down even if you’re Barbie (lol) and the importance of a well-fitting bra and a shirt that’s the tightest around your bustline to enhance the upper part of your body.

Jeggings or slim fitting-jeans to make your legs look slimmer, wearing tops with pretty sleeves to draw the eye upward and comfy but cool-looking shoes (she loves Dr. Martens, heels, and fleece boots), oh man her tips are awesome. Watch her “look book” video here

And our last video comes from Lissa, another stylish girl from the UK, who made a wheelchair fashion tip video for a contest put on by the mainstream fashion site, MissTiffanyMa. Lissa has a condition that makes it hard for her to walk long distances (ME) and in her video, she shares some really smart tips.

She talks about how critical it is to avoid baggy tops and pants (so you don’t look like you’re swimming in them), how handy cropped tops are for accentuating the body and the importance of avoiding wearing all black (so you don’t look like a floating head ha), since most wheelchairs tend to be mainly black. Watch her cute wheelchair fashion video (filmed in her solarium) here

Fit, length, accentuation….whew… wheelchair fashion can be a lot of work. Just remember, no need to put your style cap on daily. Do what I do – have your “on” fashion days and the days you could care less. That way, you’ll make sure you’ll always love fashion and never look at it as if it is a chore.

Which wheelchair fashion tips do you live by?

Watch these wheelchair fashion videos!

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Basic looks for wheelchair fashion that look great sitting down (from the same awesome British girl)

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