SCI Superstar: Angela Rockwood

What’s not to love about this zen-filled lady? I always knew Angela Rockwood was gorgeous, but after watching Push Girls and seeing her live in action it has made it clear as day. Her amazingly high cheekbones and eyes that could halt an army in its tracks (thanks to her Thai/German descent), make Ms. Angela one of the most beautiful women you’ll ever see.

Angela, now 37, made it her goal to make it big in the biz before her injury. She scored a modeling contract with Bisou Bisou and was ever so slowly making her way up the Hollywood ladder (scoring a small time part as the “Hot Chic” in the first Fast and the Furious movie).

But her world was completely changed, after she was in a car accident doing a pre-wedding errand in 2001. Angela woke up C4-5 quadriplegic. After nearly 12 years of putting her career on hold, she is no longer waiting. Angela just scored one of the biggest gigs of her life. I think I can hear her big sigh of relief from here.

Why she’s fearless

Angela is more than just one of the women on Push Girls. She is the reason we have this groundbreaking show, and first approached producer Gay Rosenthal about doing Push Girls. The show was her baby, an idea she had years ago when reality shows became all the rage. “Why not us too?” she said, but oh…it was a long process.

After working her Hollywood contacts to death, the show was finally announced in 2012. It aired on the Sundance Channel and featured 5 women, including herself, living with paralysis. After a pretty awesome first season (did you watch?) the show has been renewed for a second season! You can expect the second season to come out sometime in June 2013. This show is a big deal, people. It has broken our glass ceiling.

Even though Angela has developed some impressive networking and acting skills, she is still – at the heart of it all – a model, and this is where Angela just made history. Angela has become the first quadriplegic to score a national campaign with a department store, and it with Nordstrom, a store that has actually been hiring models with disabilities since 1991.

To see Angela modeling, you can catch her on-set for the Nordstrom shoot in the last episode of Push Girls. While (sorry boys) it‘s no lingerie shoot, she looks utterly classy in women’s wear. Hopefully the photos will be out soon! Christmastime perhaps?

What’s next?

When she’s not enjoying a camera in her face – filming Season 2 of Push Girls – or jetting off to a photo shoot across the country, Angela works as an ambassador for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. She’s also trying to resuscitate her other talent (she’s multi-talented folks), as a sketch artist (she was offered a job as a composite sketch artist for the LAPD before her injury).

Sketching, modeling, producing, helping people with disabilities finally get their very own reality show, Ms. Angela Rockwood deserves some mad mad cred. And make sure to catch her latest acting gig, My Next Breath, slated to come out in 2014.

What companies would you love to see Angela Rockwood, and other models with disabilities, work for?

Watch the videos!

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Angela Rockwood modeling for TiLite Wheelchairs

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