Going back to school in a wheelchair

It’s back to school time, people, and that means wheelchair-users everywhere are rolling into classrooms (and pushing desks out of their way). For some, it’s their very first time going back to school in a wheelchair.

Oh man, I remember my first day of college orientation as a quad. Talk about the Scariest. Day. Ever. But I soon found out, just like these wise people below, I was freaking out over nothing and realized after a few short months that college was going to be more than ok (and utterly awesome in fact).

The first video is of Carrie, a quadriplegic (injured in 2003). She shares what it was like to go back to college at Depaul university. In her video (created by Facingdisability.com), she touches on how surprisingly easy it was to get her professors to accommodate her disability, and how great it felt to live on campus, in the city and far far away from her parents’ home.

The second video, features Darren, a quadriplegic, talking about his experiences at Harvard university and then studying for his MBA (among a bunch of able-bodied 27 year old men who didn’t know how to act around him). He shares his awesome tip for socializing with these guys: Poker parties.

In the last video, Colin Buchanan, a T4 paraplegic from Seattle, Washington, he talks about the importance of going back to school in a wheelchair, and he’s straight to the point which is totally my style. He talks about how expensive it is to live with a disability and how a solid education can ensure you will live a life you enjoy (and can afford! so true). Adapted cycles, skiing, everything is ridiculously more expensive.

Colin went to the University of Arizona, and he also raves about how flat the campus is and how many students in wheelchairs are on campus (and all the great adapted sports programs). I should’ve went there!

He also made a video (watch here) about rushing a fraternity (and no, they didn’t hold back). Apparently, only he and one other person are the ONLY wheelchair-users in any fraternity or sorority in the entire US.

Alright now…this needs to get fixed. Who’s going to be the third?  😀

Are you going back to school in a wheelchair? Why are you going back and how were you able to afford it? Have any financial aid advice to share?

Watch the videos!

Carrie, a quad, talk about going back to school in a wheelchair after her injury (tips, why its important)

SPINALpedia homegrown video by Colin Buchanan: The importance of going back to school in a wheelchair

Colin talks about rushing a fraternity

Darren, another quad, talking about going to Harvard, and then studying for his MBA

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