Wheelchair trampoline!

Walking and jumping; two things I thought I’d never do again until a cure came around. Turns out I jumped the gun a early on the jumping part. Wheelchairs and trampolines…never in a million years would I have thought these two worlds would, or could, collide.

The first video comes from a really cool paraplegic from California, Andrew Angulo, who makes videos showing how he does nearly everything, and in this 5 minute video showing how he ‘jumps’ on a trampoline will certainly get your brain churning. I never thought a paraplegic could do what he does, and then I saw his trampoline video and was schooled.

Andrew first gets on the trampoline with a little help from an able-bodied dude. Once he’s on the trampoline, he crosses his legs so his feet and legs are secured tightly underneath him. This was the part when I thought, “Ok, so now how in the heck is this going to work now?” and then all of a sudden he has his little nephew jump join him on the trampoline, and he starts jumping directly next to him.

As his nephew jumps, the motion gets Andrew bouncing and before you know it, Andrew is catching some impressive air. I had NO idea people with paralysis, despite their paralyzed limbs, could still get that high despite not jumping. Why haven’t I tried this before?! And as Andrew bounces even faster, he begins to roll around the trampoline and it’s quite hysterical.

The next video is a lot shorter (under 1 minute), but is just as fun. The video comes from the trampoline park, Big Time Trampoline, and shows a pre-teen in a wheelchair taking it upon himself to still have fun at the trampoline park despite not being able to walk.

It shows the interior of the park (with multiple built-into-the-floor trampolines), with the feisty kid moving from one trampoline to another, bouncing (while still in his chair) and not having a care in the world. I love this kid! As it turns out, there are actually wheelchair trampolines that you can buy too. Where have these been all my life??

That’s it. I must stop thinking anything is impossible from here on out.

Have you been on a wheelchair trampoline? 

Watch the videos!

Andrew, a para, goes on a trampoline with his nephews

Kid goes trampolining at a trampoline park in his wheelchair

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