Amazing paralyzed adapted motorcycle rider

It’s true, Brian Kinney, a T1 paraplegic from Ohio, broke his back riding his motorcycle. Call it sad, tragic, no question it was all of those things. But Brian still loved to ride.

So after coming home from the hospital, he decided to get back on the road – out on the same bike (a Kawasaki Ninja 650R) – only with few modifications this time around. And he recorded it for your viewing pleasure.

I was pretty amazed when I first saw his video.  I honestly never thought it was possible for someone paralyzed to ride a motorcycle with only two wheels. Never, never, never (does that make me naive? me?)

But apparently there are kits out there that not only put hand controls on your bike, but also install what‘s called “landing gear.” This is the key component to being able to ride independently if you can’t move your legs.

Usually when you ride you need to put your foot down when you come to a stop (to keep the bike from tipping over), but the landing gear does the foot-stepping-to-the-ground for you. They look like animatronic training wheels as they deploy on each side of the bike (and they come down with the hit of a button. Gotta love that).

Brian also meticulously goes over every single modification he has put on his motorcycle. He shows how he transfers onto it, how he keeps his balance and skin in check during the long rides, and you even get to watch him ride his bike (in his full sexy leather riding gear).

If riding a crotch rocket is out of your reach, or not your bag, here are two other amazing motorcycle videos. One is of Ed, a C6-7 quad who drives his motorcycle (while in his wheelchair) from the sidecar. His bike is all custom-made.

The other video shows the BMW Conquest, the wheelchair accessible motorcycle that lets a wheelchair-user roll right up into it. The bike is a bit on the wide side, but hey, it’s accessible, you really can’t complain. The video shows two paraplegics take the bikes out for an epic ride (and lead a pack of AB Harley riders).

These videos prove we can still channel our inner CC Riders. Don’t you ever doubt it. Oh and if you want to buy an adapted motorcycle, check out my buddy Mark’s new site for adapted cycles.

Watch the videos!

Brian Kinney shows off the landing gear for his crotch rocket

Ed, a C6-7 quad, riding his custom adapted motorcycle (via a side car) at Daytona Beach Bike Week

Two paras going for a ride on BMW’s Conquest specially adapted motorcycle

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