Wheelchair fashion: In your face, and ladylike

If Bjork can be deemed fashionable, if we can make kitchen appliances fashionable, why can’t we be rolling thrones of haute couture too? Srsly…

If you watch the above video by Tiffany Giddes, a T10 paraplegic and member of The Ability 411 crew (a collaboration of five paralyzed vloggers who answer questions about life with paralysis), she shares all the best fashion tips she’s discovered since her injury. They are awesome.

Tiffany is one tough chick so you know her fashion tips will be good. Her ability to be turn a project into a reality is crazy. Take her new movie Collision about a female wheelchair assassin—she stars in it and helped produced it! It’s inspiring to anyone with a disability who thinks a project they’re getting intro might be too much to take on.

Her video is full of fashion-gems that should help any woman on wheels lost in the fashion wilderness.  At 5’10, Tiff’s tips are something you’d never learn from an occupational or physical therapist. Take notes, ladies. Take notes…

She shares her favorite store to buy jeans, her trick to avoid skin marks while wearing shoes all day, she also talks about our favorite fashion element – accessories (yes! I’ve talked about this myself, a lot). Add anything – a hat, an oversized necklace, a flowy neck scarf and bam – instantaneous, individualized, fashion.

And to really see wheelchair fashion be elegant, watch this catwalk show from wheelchair fashion designer (from the UK), Wheeliechix-Chic. Their clothing is so feminine. Combine that with the show’s awesome choreography, and you’ll see a fashion show that could change a lot of ignorant misconceptions out there.

What is the #1 wheelchair fashion tip you would share with someone who’s a newly injured?

Watch the videos!

Tiffany Giddes’s wheelchair fashion tips

The Fall/Winter line fashion show from Wheeliechix-Chic

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