SCI Superstar of the Week: Eric Legrand

If you haven’t heard about Eric Legrand by now, you’re either not a college football fan or you don’t have a spinal cord injury, either way, you’re missing out on one heck of a story (and it‘s not a sob story either).

Eric was on the Rutgers football team when he broke his neck at the C3-4 level during a game in 2010, becoming paralyzed from the shoulders down in an instant. The entire sports world was in shock and his story (as they always are when an injury of an athlete is caught on video), was all over the media, and it still is for good reason.

Why he’s fearless

Although Eric’s story – a football player breaking his neck mid game – has been seen before in thousands of now ex-football players, his story certainly doesn’t end the same. Despite still being very much a quadriplegic, Eric was signed by the Tampa Bay Bucaneers last week, a dream he must have thought was certainly gone, to become their official sports announcer. Wow Tampa Bay. I really love you right now.

And although yes, it was a symbolic gesture (he received a jersey and helmet to seal the deal), it’s a very cool thing. How many of us with spinal cord injuries have had to settle with knowing that so many of our dreams will never come true? (raises hand) It’s a tough pill to swallow.

And Eric, despite his dream now being a variation of his dream, he’s still putting himself out there in this crazy world as much as he can, living and being the fearless SCI survivor that he’s become. He’s even returned to the field where he was injured for two special occasions, and remains consistently positive.

What’s next?

Now home from rehab (and still dating the same girl from before his injury. Gotta love that), Eric is keeping his body in shape as best he can, readying himself for the cure we all hope will come, and for the upcoming football season.

Dominate that mic, Eric LeGrand. Show the world that paralysis doesn’t put a cork in us.

Have you met Eric LeGrand? What have you learned from him?

Watch the videos

Eric LeGrand’s football accident

Eric LeGrand’s press conference after signing with the Bucs


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