Service dogs can surf? Check this pup and his quadriplegic owner

As puppies, service dogs (aka “canine partners”) are taught things like how to open patio doors or how to put laundry back in the basket.  You can even teach a service dog how to grab a beer out of the fridge, which is *almost* YouTube worthy.

But after seeing the following super smart service dogs – one that goes surfing with his owner and another who helps out with the reining of show horses – you’ll be double-thinking your decision getting that service dog.

Patrick Ivison, the quad from Cali you may have heard of before, isn’t the kind of service dog owner to just stick to the rules, and to the dog’s  “stock” learning skills at that. Service dogs can learn new tricks, and since Patrick loves to surf (he surfs with Life Rolls On, an adapted surfing program), why not take your service dog with you? (that’s what I would’ve done)

In this video you’ll see his dog Richochet quite impressively balance his very own surf board and ride alongside side Patrick as he surfs on his chest (another adapted sport that’s on my Bucket List. Looks so fun!). Dude, that dog is totally hanging ten. Kinda jealous over here.

And in this video, a Paralympic esquestrian from the UK shows off one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen a service  dog do: Grab a horse by the reins and bring it (calmly and smoothly) to it’s owner, among many other horse-helper related things (watch). It’s amazing to see, and really gets your mind churning about all the other “Why didn’t I think of that before?” possibilities of service dogs.

Do you have any experience with service dogs? Have you taught it a cool and much more useful talent?

Watch the videos!

Richochet and Patrick showing off in the waves

Susi, a UK Paralympian and her horse-jumping service dog Lex

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