4 Qualities of a Great Brain Injury Lawyer

4 Qualities of a Great Brain Injury Lawyer

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Brain injuries are one of the most common injuries that can occur from traumatic injuries.  Unfortunately, around two million people in the United States each year sustain a brain injury, of which around  52,000 people pass away from the brain injury. While the severity of these brain injuries varies, any brain injury is a serious injury and it can seriously disrupt one’s life.

Since a brain injury is a typically severe and permanent injury, it is important that you choose your lawyer carefully.  A quality lawyer that understands brain injuries is what you must look for.  But there are several qualities that make this a reality and it is important to look carefully. The lawyer you choose can make or break your case when it comes to the compensation you receive.


Do You Have a Good Reason to File a Brain Injury Lawsuit?

Brain injuries are usually categorized in one of the three categories: closed head (the most common kind of injury), open wound (penetration to the skull) and crushing (an injury where the brain is compressed). For many brain injuries, no matter the severity, there is often reason to file a lawsuit.  

Was there any negligence on someone responsible for your injury? Or was a faulty product responsible for the brain injury? If you answer yes to either of these questions, your next step is to draw a connection between the responsible party and the injury, making sure to collect as much physical evidence as possible. This evidence needs to prove that you have been tangibly harmed. Medical bills, pain and suffering and punitive damages are considered.


Brain Injury Lawyer Qualities

A great brain injury lawyer will possess many great qualities, but there are four must-have qualities you can’t do without. Read on for the four characteristics to look for when hiring a lawyer for a brain injury case.


1) Past Success with Brain Injury Cases

You first need to search for a lawyer with good experience, but decades of generic legal experience is not what you need. Instead, look for a personal injury lawyer with a good mix of both settlement and trial experience. You should also look for a lawyer who has represented people with brain injuries and the outcomes of those cases.


2) Brain Injury Knowledge

When you become disabled through a brain injury, it is highly important to find a lawyer who understands brain injuries and their needs by understanding brain injuries in a medical-sense. They should also have contacts in the neural community near your home. The more your lawyer seems like a medical professional, the better. You can test a lawyer by bringing up medical terminology regarding brain injuries to see how they respond.


3) Good Reviews from Past Clients

Just like you would before buying a new TV or vehicle, it is important to look at as many past client reviews of a brain injury lawyer as possible before making a decision. The reviews can tell you everything you need to know. You can find the best reviews of lawyers on Yelp.


4) Are They Compassionate?

The celebrated image of a shark-like attorney is not the lawyer you need when seeking a lawyer for a brain injury. Instead, try to find a lawyer who shows compassion and patience when dealing with you as a client. Many people who suffer a brain injury are in a vulnerable state, which is another reason why finding a lawyer with the right temperament is important.

Having a brain injury is stressful, especially in the first couple of years when you’re trying to figure everything out, which can be quite hard. But if you have an experienced lawyer who understands, they can make all the difference and hopefully get you the compensation you deserve.


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